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Raamatun teksti

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Thayer's Greek Lexicon



Strongin koodi


exerchomai ex-er'-khom-ahee


Sanan tausta


from 1537 and 2064



King James käännökset sanasta


AV-go out 60, come 34, depart 28, go 25, go forth 25, come out 23, come forth 9, misc 18


1) to go or come forth of

1a) with mention of the place out of which one goes, or the point from which he departs

1a1) of those who leave a place of their own accord

1a2) of those who are expelled or cast out

2) metaph.

2a) to go out of an assembly, i.e. forsake it

2b) to come forth from physically, arise from, to be born of

2c) to go forth from one's power, escape from it in safety

2d) to come forth (from privacy) into the world, before the public, (of those who by novelty of opinion attract attention)

2e) of things

2e1) of reports, rumours, messages, precepts

2e2) to be made known, declared

2e3) to be spread, to be proclaimed

2e4) to come forth

2e4a) emitted as from the heart or the mouth

2e4b) to flow forth from the body

2e4c) to emanate, issue

2e4c1) used of a sudden flash of lightning

2e4c2) used of a thing vanishing

2e4c3) used of a hope which has disappeared

Valitun sanan sijamuoto:

5627 Tense-Second Aorist See 5780
Voice-Active See 5784
Mood -Indicative See 5791
Count-2138 plus 1 in a variant reading in a footnote

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